We're Here for You

Stuart Treff has been the owner of the Whispering Pines RV Park since the summer of 2000. I have now been here for over 20 years.


I want to welcome you to my website. I hope my website is informative enough for you to want to spend some time with us. I'm here to answer all of your questions, and happy to take your reservations, requests and general comments.


This RV Park is a quiet, clean RV Park. We are a family friendly RV Park 1/4 mile south of Lake Almanor. We do not get the wind, the crowds, nor have the high prices the other RV Parks offer on the Lake. Most of our campers are fishermen and women, hikers, shoppers, off road vehicle riders, retirees who want a peaceful place to relax and get out of the valley heat, or a logger or two. We all try to be like family here and some stay in touch during the winter season.


Here are some important things to know if you plan on coming to my RV Park. Please Read my Business Statement "BEFORE" calling for reservations.


1) I take pride in having a nice, clean, quiet place to chill during the summer months. My green grass, along with my awesome ammenities, brings my clients. If you are the type of camper that thrashes your campsite, you should find another place to stay.

2)  Most people think they are excellent backers, but if you can't park your rig without driving on the grass, please let me to do it for you!

3)Common sence seems to be a lost art in America these days. If you don't have any, find another place to camp! Make sure you read and follow my RULES! I only have them because of some idiot!

4) This is a dog friendly park. Male and female dog urine kills my grass. If you are a seasonal camper, you need to feed your dog "Grass Saver" or another urine treatment 1 month before your arrival. If you are a overnighter, or a weekly camper, you should leave your dog at home.

5) If you don't like the way I run my RV Park, that's ok, just find another place to camp. I have, and will, ask folks to leave, or never return!

Stuart Treff